PLAY with Soundscape

Performance on Installation

Artwork(Kazuyuki Miyamoto, Tetsuro Funayama. since 2018)

The art works that directly approach the surrounding environment, such as outdoor landscape works and hands-on installations, are included in the surrounding sound environment regardless of the artist's intention. However, even considering the characteristics of human perception, it is mainly the visual element that the viewer consciously perceives in the art appreciation experience, and hardly perceives environmental sound or its spread. However, there are also works that perceive environmental sounds to obtain a richer appreciation experience. The art of practicing sound performance on works using expressions such as imitating environmental sounds belonging to the exhibition place as an act of recognizing the sound landscape that should be perceived when viewing art works Is an expression.

This is a new practice that was devised in 2018 with artist / researcher Tetsuro Funayama and aims to make a mutual approach to “space” and “sound” triggered by environmental art.